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Torn In Bloated Form

This song is by Prostitute Disfigurement and appears on the album Descendants Of Depravity (2008).

Returning to the dumping site
To relive my killing
My victim well preserved
Lying face down in the earth
Exactly how I left her
Stripped naked, buttocks up
Pale livid sex slave
Ready for one last fuck

Misanthropic murder mind
No cunt sparred from suffering
Monster of annihilation
Gratification through mutilation

The stare of the dead in my eyes
Postmortal devirginized
My easy prey left to decay
With blood her orifice I lubricate
Feasting on the rotting purity
Bestial ferocity is feeding on me
Faces of the dead are growing on me
Forming into my skin insanity sets in

Torn in bloated form
Frantically slashing
Intense grotesque mutilation
Shredded, lacerated and dissected

I left her unmarked
For no one to find
Masses of grisly remains
I have left behind

My life consist
Of compulsive killing
Sick mind, no repent
A fiendish thrilling

I'm the horror that you fear
You're forced to decay
Forget your savior
I'm the only salvation

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