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The Corpse Garden

This song is by Prostitute Disfigurement and appears on the album Left In Grisly Fashion (2005).

Cruising the streets for young women
Luring them into my van
Gagged, her eyes begged for mercy
Never to be seen again

Blindfolded, gagged with masks of tape
Stripped naked, shackled to the bed
Female body infested, bruised and lacerated
There's no escape from your fate

Enter the house of horror
No turning back from your fate

Slowly slicing her body
Using my tools of the trade
With a depraved relish
The horror is now uncaged

Young women were stripped
Bound with tape
Raped, tortured then killed
Dismembered and buried
In the corpse garden

Deceased through mutilation
Bones are turned to mush
Sliced female flesh leaves me
In a rudimentary rush

Slashing young women and children
Left mummified in my masonry
Stuffed and buried in my backyard
To hide my killing spree

The corpse garden
The corpse garden

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