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Storm Of The Fiend

This song is by Prostitute Disfigurement and appears on the album Descendants Of Depravity (2008).

Bearing the mark of the legion
As I render my soul
Inner fiendish aggression
I can no longer control

Hell glutted on humanity
The day that I came to be
An earth bound demon
With a frenzied lust to kill

Emerging horrid fantasies
Soon to become reality
A living nightmare unfolding
The redeemer you want me to be
All dressed in black
Stalking through the night
Lurking in the shadows
Far from the light

Submit to mutilation
Flesh ripped and eyes torn out
I violate and I desecrate
A surgical exposure

Vile carnal sacrifices
Glorified through blasphemy
The apocalypse unfolds
I'll plague your modern wold

Slaughtering victims with ripping knives
Blood will flow with human waste
More victims soon will follow
Suffering, until the end of their lives

I rejoice in a pool of blood
Engrossed in deterioration
Marked with eternal fire
The ultimate disintegration

I am beyond your experience
Beyond good and evil
I am armed with hate
And embraced by fire

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