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Killing For Company

This song is by Prostitute Disfigurement and appears on the album Descendants Of Depravity (2008).

I am a beast forced to feed
Not only blood I have different needs
Victimized by despondency
Caused by the simple need of company
As you lay on my bed
I tenderly touch your breasts
You were going to leave me
But now you don't respond to me

Dispatched by asphyxia
Colorless phlegmatic face
Discoloration of the skin
The onset of rigor mortis
Succumbed by fear of abandonment
Drifted into a killing trance
Completely enraptured by my fantasy

Not repulsed by the corpse
Strange and bizarre fantasies
My corpse companion
You will never leave me

I've caused dreams
That are causing death
My fantasy life became more
Powerful than my real one

Just killed for company
A hapless pawn in my wicked reverie
Your beautiful corpse
I'll nurture and cherish
A unique feeling of oneness
Afters months of bathing
And sleeping with decay
My comrade is staring to rot away
Even in death you're abandoning me
Taking away my only remedy

Eradicate to copulate
On relics I ejaculate
Morbid driven compulsion
A passion for flesh
Sweet death, mine forever
Excitements to dissect
Rotting house guests in skeletal stage
Under the floorboards to remain

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