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Prophetic Age

This song is by Prophetic Age and appears on the album Prophetic Age (2001).

For the first time since the past
Idols and prophecies appeared
The view of the rough images
It wasn't only dreams
They were fanatical blasphemers,
Marked by eternal fire
The view of my past eas sad
As the fallen gates
Prophetic Age - there was only my desire
Prophetic Age - the gates
Of hell will open wide
The god's fall was seen into crystal balls
By the rejected blasphemers
By divine grace
But who led the world
Were wizards and witches
The seers of visions of our past
Becoming our present
Prophetic Age - Inquisition fell on
Its knees for you
Prophetic Age - the gates
Of hell will open wide
Witches, wise wizards
Burned alive by the inquisition
Prophets and wizards
The fire couldn't burn wisdom and soul
Dedicated to blasphemies against god
Cause all that they knew was
Thrown against life
The bell's rings - It was the beginning
The nightmare of a new season

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