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Enlightened By Evil

This song is by Prophetic Age and appears on the album Prophetic Age (2001).

I'm trapped inside mirrors
Living in your dreams for centuries
Seduction, transgression
The boundary between creation and search
My blindness facing the daylight fascinates me

Defying god's creation cause my existence
Challenges the harmony of mankind
Creating the kiss of fire
Occupying the void in your imagination
Giving off from my body
The smell of desire
The eternity of lust
My attractive immortality is obvious
The transgression's existence is real
As the rose that bleeds
I drink your blood by the fascination
Attracted by evil
Nospheratuphobia - I say
"You can't dominate the fear
You fell from me"

'Cause I exist in your dreams
Or in your nightmares
Your being will come to me through two
Points in your neck
In the name of darkness, shadows
And the spirit of eternity
Your immortality begins right now
Enlightened by evil...

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