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Vortex Dreamer

This song is by Prophecy Of Doom and appears on the album Matrix (1992).

Opposition fusion the aim, the goal
I'm happy now for I'm real not a role
So others can touch for others can feel
In my maze of options with all of them real
In a hollow mind (the tunnel of life's distractions)
You build a road long from all your actions
You must know this road that you walk along
You laid it with skill, how could you be wrong?

A blind eye hides for its own sake
Because human suffering is a human mistake
Its Vortex will create your need to fake
With room to manoeuvre its life is your tumour

What will you do when you find this is true?
Act? Retract? Remain intact?
Progression is slaughtered by your needle point view
Will you be shocked when you get what is due?
The life of the Vortex grows through bias addition
Its delusions of superiority bound tight in fiction
An accomplice to the mask if your past was a farce
But removing this collection will stir recollection

Take the chain off your answer before throwing it at me

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