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Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm

This song is by Prophecy and appears on the album Our Domain (2002).

Yum... Yum...
Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm
Lick the postulated chunks from your chin
Swallowing globs of herpes
Nothing tastes better than a menstrual slurpee
Suctioning her tampon through a straw
Lick until you vomit up a bloody fuckin' cotton ball
Violently her whole body slings
Because you and five friends just earned your red wings
Ooooooooorrrrrrrrr - aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggg
Vomiting deep inside her cunt
While your tongue is on the hunt
Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm
Blowing bloody bubbles through your nose
Dick starts to quiver as it grows and blows

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