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We Run This Mutha

This song is by Proper Dos and appears on the album Overdose (1999).

(Feat. Royal T)

(Frank V)
The heat was hot 'cause I brought it
Mexican Power, remember that, yeah I still got it
And more than ever, fuck a leva
And if you ain't down with the Brown fuck you and your jefa
We running this shit, front, back, side to side
A car load of felons yelling out Brown Pride
Hit the spot, get the glock from under the seat
Because a young Chicano always gotta pack heat
'Cause in the street they don't ask where you're from no more
They just roll along slide and pump slugs in your car door
But before you make me retire
I'll take you all to hell with that automatic gunfire
It's gonna happen, as long as I'm rapping
Bitches keep clapping, I'm gonna keep scrapping
And show the world this motherfucker can hang
Going in with a gang, going out with a bang

Do the Raza run this motherfucker? (Hell yeah)
Do the homies run this motherfucker? (Hell yeah)
Do the gangsters run this motherfucker? (Hell yeah)
Who runs this motherfucker? (We run this motherfucker)

(Royal T)
Hit the stop/eject button and I'll break your wrist
I put it down for the Raza with a gangster twist
It's the motherfucking Royal, ready to go, duck
Giving a fuck what you think, you better believe you can get stuck
I'm riding low through your barrio (What's up putos)
I'm that vato pumping loud in your radio
It's the motherfucking bandit, fools can't fucking handle it
Talk a gang of shit from San Diego to Los Angeles
I be that villain creeping in the night
Vatos talking shit and ain't even tight
I put it down for the underground
Fools acting hard but they got that pop sound
We coming rougher, make the hynas suffer
Drop the kind of shit that you can't get enough of
We put it down like pimps, fuck all the suckers
Low Profile, we run this motherfucker

(Frank V)
I'm busting raps for the Raza, the rest is gravy
Putting more fools on the deck than the navy
In a clean '63 driving bitches crazy
It's me, Royal T, and the homey Big Shady
We're trying to keep it cool, but if these fools wanna trip
I got the clips, I got the hollow point tips
Another casualty, it just don't matter to me
I feel like nobody is badder than me
A Brown soldier drunk off his ass, down to blast
Take your cash, mash on the dash
Then back to the hood with all of your loot
Sweating all them hynas in the Daisy Doops
Yeah, we got some play from the ladies
I got a blow job and so did the homey Shady
And Royal T, he got his action too
Just the way players are supposed to do

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