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To Dago From La

This song is by Proper Dos and appears on the album Overdose (1999).

(Feat. Lil' Rob)

(Verse One)
I got some shit to make them all stop hatin'
I got some dick to make you and that bitch stop waitin
And I got a trick and I'll make you fall in love
And you can have that bitch for just a couple of doves
Frank V is on some sick shit
Some fat shit
Some way a latin rapper can't rap like that
Shit I been paid, been laid
You just been sprayed with some shit that I just made
No fade bald headed fuck it keep your credit my shits clean supreme unleaded
Low ride all day, hit the pad grab the Porsche
Hit the ranch, ride the white horse full force
Look for me in the source, you'll be a lookin' motherfucker
But look at the back, you might see big Frank
Cashin a check or two that's what the hell I do
You don't like how I'm livin' well fuck you

It's all good from dago to la
Frank V and Lil' Rob makin' that major pay
In a caddie coupe 64 rag chevrolet
We drink tequila strait fuck that tango ray

(Verse Two)
Let me do things my way
Get the fuck out of my way
I'm coming like this
With this two psychos that everybody wishes would go like this
Lil' Robbie the sickest
Little vato representing the city of San Diego to the fullest
Bullshit is what you be giving me, but you can't get rid of me
Lil' Rob (Lil' Rob), without me there will never be, anything good to listen to Ah
At least that's the way I see it homeboy, what about you Ah
Holiday today from Saturday to Saturday from month to month from year to year
Like the fifth of may to the fifth of may holle
And I put that on the hairs of my chine chin chin
You don't want to begin, something that you can't win
Mish, what's the kind of stuff that I come from
You don't like my song can't believe your anyone that your not anyone
You ain't nobody, Lil' Rob rocking it just for a little while
So let me do things my way Lil' Rob style

(Verse Three)
I'll be that vato, who got you on the stage
Mr. Sancho returning your latest page
Now you're in a rage, pissed off and disgusted
That's why I ain't got to leave, can't be trusted
Vatos hooked on hoes like China white without being stepped on
That's why I kicked the habit and then kept on
Its hard enough these days to make cash win
Without a bitch asking me were the fuck if I be
Franky baby is to clean for that, to pay for that
I'm a genuine player, not bitch made like that
My shit sails to the tite raid like that
But don't keep it at home, because pigs run raids like that
It's still put down like it should be
From SD to that big bad 213

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