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Ordinary People Do Fucked-Up Things When Fucked-Up Things Become Ordinary

This song is by Propagandhi and appears on the album Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes (2000).

Words can't do justice to pain
Seems like they can't feel a thing
Ordinary people do fucked up things
When fucked up things become ordinary

I can't promise Utopia or a better world
I have no clever lures
No harsh punishment if you don't bite the hook
It's a world of shit or bust

There's no escape from disappointment
When you commit your heart and soul
To earning your place
Someone else will have to cheer you on

What are you capable of?
You can be the one to string them up and beat them to death
When you cut the bodies down
You'll see the face of your failure and shame

This is a world of professional liars
A bleating chorus of tempered truths
Who like pealing church bells, echo its virtues
Sung over and over and over again

Rotting at the bottom is better than living as a liar
I can't find a meaning in this great achievement
When you commit heart and soul to earning your place
Opportunity kills common sense