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That's Not Cool With Me

This song is by Prop 808.

1- have you come here to surprise me?
'Cause I've been waiting here for you
Why are you being so nice to me?
Last time you said we're through

2- have you come here to destroy me?
'Cause I've been waiting here for you
You don't trust yourself around me
You think you'll lose control

C- so if that's
Where your heart is
Why are you denying it?
You said you always had a part for me
We've grown apart, can't you see?

3- If you were still the same
Maybe I'd go back to you
I remember all the things
You did to make me hopeless

C- I don't know what
You've been thinking
What am I supposed to be
You want me here
Only when you need me
C- that's not cool with me.

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