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This song is by Prop 808.

-Dad always made sure that you did your chores
Mom always made sure that you were bored.
Listening to what they say, a perfect little boy
Mom and dad's dream come true
Never went out to a show
Never learned how to talk at all
-Sheltered little boy, you never lived your life
And now you sit at home, all alone
You ask mom and dad why you have no friends
They "it's all right" that you you still have them

-Perfect little boy

-No one to call, no one to love
Because you don't know how to make any friends
You don't understand why your mom still cleans your room
And picks out all your clothes
Why, oh why? you're tweny-nine years old
-Wishing for a life, wishing for pal
Wishing for a way to make things well
You're all alone, you're all alone
I'll be your friend
'Cause no one ever said you had to be perfect, oh no
No one ever said you had to be perfect, oh no

-You're a perfect little boy

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