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No More Cookies

This song is by Prop 808.

No, I'm not giving up, you're just giving in
I've dragged my feet so long, through thick and thin
But I'm still still here, and you're still smiling there
What's gone so wrong, that makes you always right?

And it's all gone...
What's left for me to learn from?
A broken heart, a bloody rose, and no conditions

It's falling from the shelve...

Another shot (as in picture) of us, another lost memory
One more step back from, this hell I'm in
My heart keeps beating slow, the clock keeps spinning round...
This life of little hope, and shifting solid grounds

And I think I see...
That you weren't right for me
I'm chasing night away with my dark thoughts

It's all gone,
It's all gone,
It's all gone,
It's all gone.

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