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Late Nite Run

This song is by Prop 808.

Im glad that you're crying now
You've served your purpose well
As far as I can tell
Oh, so you didn't mean all the pain that you caused,
Well my fists are closed real tight
And I'm breaking down these walls
Get away from this place
And get out on your own now
Sometimes I can't sleep
So ill call you on the phone
But I just don't feel the same
Can you see me as I'm lying on the ground?
My strength to stand up now
Is no where to be found
Watch me as I lay dead on the street
And take off with the first stranger
That you happen to meet
Or can you hear those voices
That I'm hearing late at night
Saying "get away from that confused girl
Cause this just isn't right"
I don't have to come back and see you
You don't have to see me see you
I won't, I can't, I can't see you
I won't, I don't have see you in here

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