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Mah Grrrl

This song is by Promoe and appears on the album The Long Distance Runner (2004).

(Feat. Ghost)

My da told me I used be a happy boy
Back in a days playin' with my crappy toys
Kwowin' nothin' bout wars, would laugh with joy
Till I turned up the volume on that rappin' noise
Became an angry teen, readin' from the magazines
Feedin'me all the murder and the agony
Always in the trouble, cops runnin' after me
But they're way too lazy, only thing that's catchin' me was ...

My girl, my girl
It's me and my girl against the world
My girl against the world
It's me and my girl...

... Form the forward path I'm on
My music is for people that's runnin' a marathon
Literally or as a figure of speech
Whether within or if you runnin' the streets
DVSG's on a nighttrain from Moscow to St. Petersburg
Scheming and plotting to take home what we deserve
You got the city on lock, well I perform to free the world
And I know that I got it, as long as it's me and my girl ...

Wake up in the bed with my girl beside me
I don't give a fuck if the world's collidin'
With a meteorite, I'll still be all right
Shinin' bright in the state that I'm in
The beautiful state of awareness
Not tryin' to be no careless parents
We'll get them kids, and raise them kids
As true revolutionaries ...

We on some Bonnie and Clyde shit, B.I.G ready to die shit
Weather is stormin', better perform get kids oranizing
Always down to be ridin' though we whitout a liscense
We are buildin' an army, babies are born and people are risin'
It'll start with a man and a woman to stop the famine and bombin'
I see the klan and atomic wars, yo the planet is coming
To an end. No need to pretend, the secret is when
But we ready, we right here yo sing it again!

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