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Government Music (2001)Edit

Government Music
  1. Dawn
  2. Big in Japan
  3. Prime Time
  4. Government Music
  5. Freedom Fighters (featuring Cosmic)
  6. Freedom Writers
  7. THX 1138
  8. Yes Ayah
  9. Injected (featuring Cosmic and Supreme)
  10. Conspiracy
  11. Money
  12. Interesting Indeed
  13. Process of Elimination (feat. Timbuktu & Freestyle
  14. Urban Guerilla Warfare
  15. What's That Sound
  16. Positive & Negative

The Long Distance Runner (2004)Edit

The Long Distance Runner
  1. Long Distance Runner
  2. In the Jungle (featuring Ward 21)
  3. These Walls Don't Lie
  4. Constant Consumption
  5. Fast Food World (featuring Cosmic and Bushman)
  6. Justice (featuring Anthony B)
  7. Kkkampain
  8. Dog Day Afternoon (featuring Timbuktu, Rantoboko and Chords)
  9. A Likkle Supm Supm
  10. Mah Grrrl (featuring Ghost)
  11. Fit You Haffe Fit
  12. Calm Down

White Man's Burden (2006)Edit

White Man's Burden
  1. Up!
  2. Time Travellin (featuring Assassin)
  3. Songs of Joy (featuring Capleton)
  4. White Man's Burden
  5. In the Morning (featuring Da'Ville)
  6. Headache
  7. Long Sleeves in the Summer
  8. Eurotrash (featuring Leeroy)
  9. Musick Bi$ Apocalypse
  10. Post Cards
  11. Identity Crisis (featuring Nosliw)
  12. Trapped (featuring Kardinal Offishall and Da'Ville)

Kråksången (2009)Edit

  1. Du Kommer Ihåg
  2. Detta Har Hänt
  3. Lev Nu
  4. Svennebanan
  5. Inflation (featuring Afasi)
  6. Kråksången
  7. Mammas Gata (featuring Andreas Grega, Supreme and Timbuktu)
  8. Några Nollor Efter (featuring Organismen)
  9. Dekadansen
  10. Papper
  11. Rötmånad
  12. Ondskan (featuring PST/Q)
  13. Problem (featuring Vincent)
  14. Yta (feat. Magnus Betnér)
  15. Imperiet

Other SongsEdit

  1. Ge Oss Sverige Tillbaka (featuring Timbuktu)
  2. Haikutta
  3. It's Promoe
  4. Likkle Supm Supm
  5. Off the Record
  6. Pikku-Pirihuora
  7. Poor Lonesome Homeboy

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