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Way That I See It

This song is by Prolyphic and Reanimator.

I don't care what you heard I'm a man of his word
And I swallow my pride to satisfy this tape worm
I write it all over my pretty face we all make mistakes
But I'll never wash it off to save face, I wipe my hands
You run your fingers through my persona and like to kick mud
I'm through smoothing things over, can't say I didn't try
Not surprised you stand me down
I let the chips fall I'm gone once they hit the ground

Consider it what I owe you, thinking you only know the half
You only know what I told you, 'cause I showed you that mask
It's funny watching people change, who were once friends
They seem to forget all the shit that you did for them
We're talking nickels and dimes so why bother?
They'll never appreciate the worth of a dollar
But you should lift your feet 'cause you're shittin' where you eat and carrying the scent
Went from child to marionette, you need someone to pull your strings
That's how you get off nowadays cause you picked off your own wings
Pretending to run with daredevils and race speed demons
Let's see when you get lost when the road pitchforks

Cause the way that you see it, ain't the way that I see it
It's the lies that you feed it and why you get so heated

That's when I cut these ties up and leave them behind
Fuck the reasons why, it's like "why not?"
Cause everybody's got a side plot, they're nurturing blind spots
And no one gives a fuck what you and I want
When nothing's sacred and nothing's worth saving
In a world that you told that is yours for the taking
And it can all be replaced like that
Never would I think something that I love would have a price tag
I hope you got what you wanted, and it was worth it
'Cause I know this game, I've played it, and how it works is
You see my game face? What about my war face?
What about this one? I've got a million different ones to beat the system
I share my cards, this is where we part
When I needed you to listen you just try to compare scars
And now your cut is deeper, follow your fucking leader
One foot in front of the other, see ya when I see ya
Don't stop when the curtain drops to half mass
Practice your jab, you're still trying to get in the last laugh
Tellin' a joke I've heard a number of times
I want to see your face when I'm there to spoil the punch line

It's your world baby, if you want it

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