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Uphill... Strange

This song is by Project Polaroid and appears on the album Project Polaroid (2006).

Kool Keith:
It's me! (It's me!)
Tom, Tom C, the abilities
Brooklyn, the destination
The world has to emulate
And everybody on the side of my man, pick a state
Everybody, the pro, the tools

Afterparty celebrated ESPN Saddam and Eyewitness News is a hater
Fans follow me, Janet Jackson's father Joe asked me for my autograph
In the Sheraton Hotel elevator
Down the corridor, be in 54
Metallic porcelain platinum sprinkles on the floor
Towels with my initials, spotlights on my bathroom
Cameras watch you, alarms around the bathtub
Monitors watch the mirrors and the toilet tissue
Recline chairs, recline and stare, automatic feet suspension
That's right, the automatic feet suspension

Times change, uphill
Time to rearrange the downhill flames
Times change, uphill strange
Times change to downhill range

Kool Keith:
Recline chairs, that's right
Look at you through, see-through walls
Captain Morgan from another dimension, you're taller than me
But in the reality, smaller than me microscopic
How y'all gettin' on them cheap private jets
I'm leavin' the Hamptons with a professional chaffeur
Takin' a helictoper down to Florida, petrol rockin' with no suitcases
8000 billion dollars in my pockets
City bling metal pants, price 10 G's
Slacks locked to my body, only Brinks has two keys

The uphill strange
Facin uphill range
The uphill strange
Facin uphill range

Kool Keith:
With the "fasten seatbelt" sign on
Movin two billion miles an hour, free men findin machines
10 times, faster than the 94-4 Porsche
Leather couch in the dining area Lamborghini dashboard
I get from Denver to Germany in 8 minutes
Rocketship Enterprise, with two-way trips to Guatemala, Venzuela
The average guy gonna move like a sailor
Sellin 2 million records, he couldn't afford basketball gyms
And information piled as great as spades
Lookin' down at the small mansion, flyin over the Everglades
Calabasas to pool party
Automatic navigation, gravity on the patio
The NexTel floatin sippin Olde 800
Power talkin', Stetsasonic, Daddy-O
With the Yankee jersey, the Atlanta Falcon on me
200 thousand dollars worth of stuff, a pack of Pokemon cards
I'm stokin ya yard, 600 major league baseball cards
From game grow, the same so
I'm down to earth, with a humungous ego

The power people
The power sequel
Uphill range
Goin' downhill strange

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