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Midwestern Shoe Calhoun

This song is by Project Polaroid and appears on the album Project Polaroid (2006).

(Kool Keith: singing)
This is for the people, up in Utah
Walking on snow
This is for the people, in Des Moines, Iowa
Show 'em where to go
This is for the people in California
This is for Portland, this is for Seattle
And this is for the baby just born with the rattle
This is for the people, I been through Buffalo
This is for the people

Kool Keith:
Skill is superb
To the noun, adjective of the verb
Objective activist verbal
Antagonist linguistics build up
To a centimeter linguistic anti-archaeologist
Can't face the hype, of latitude
I follow this with a shallow twist
Predators work hard, in the center
To find the asteroid level
I demolish discs collect as raw - dust
But I'm titanium steel bars, they can't polish this
Atomicness to them it's hard
To me it's an irregular flow
Spectators love the common twist written with my arm and wrist
With charmin fists, you got the ball
You calm and miss
Techno got nothin' on me, I warned thee
Disaster master from solo like Marco Polo
Marco slow-flow, the handle like Glen Campbell
Country rock star, I'm in a country rock car
I check the blondes and brunettes out
I'm in a country rock bar
Scientific explanatory, it's comin' out the laboratory
With the sprinkle tinkles
With the Handi-Wipe, for the handy type
Me and Tom and Tim and Raggedy Andy and Sandy
In V.I.P. under the handy light
Sippin Grey Goose and Sunny Delight
Makin' Kareem Abduls look like, sunny rewrite
Lyrics written by the rabbit with furs, and bunny e-lites

Hand me the guitar, a.k.a. black star
Midwestern Shoe Calhoun, cowboy hat in the bathroom
In the back of the saloon
Birthday party with Kenny Rogers, champagne, poppin' balloons
Limos for everybody, you may kiss the bride groom
Rock's biggest ceremony, ask angel
Ask Tony more dehydration, water comin' down and defacin
The long veil... justice will prevail

(Kool Keith: singing)
It's a song, about the people
Ooh, it's a song
It's a song, about the people
Ooh, it's a song
Ooh yeah
This is for the people up in Utah
This is for the people up in Des Moines, Iowa
This is for the people in Milwaukee
This is for the people lonely up in Buffalo
This is for those people livin' in their self in Texas
This is for the all the people livin' out in the California area
This is a song I wrote
It's for the people

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