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Mechanical Mechanix

This song is by Project Polaroid and appears on the album Project Polaroid (2006).

(Feat. Prince Po)

Prince Po:
Seven hundred thousand gigs of memory
One third of the sun's energy, mega machines scientific epitome
Biotech, titanium steel tiger of dialect
Smash 'em up, bionic phonics scramble your cybernet
Terminator 16 on the scene
All around the world in seven days charged off, lime green
Richard Reed on them seeds destroyed with one rhyme gene
Chaos and the reaved body parts, of your entire team
Ultramagnetic kinetic set it with Doctor Oc'
Jamie Summers cosmic slop, smoke pot in the parking lot
'Lectric boogie her hot, box pop it with chocolate cock
Bionic tonic, planet rock your corroded coppertop
Bubble like soda pop, scripted pictures like Photoshop
Po bolo solo, flex fold your local Robocop
With flow or not, equipped with advanced, detect mechanisms
Correct with celestial injection perfect, in exorcisms
7 billion bionic and brolic
2009, nasty habits dawg so I can't call it

Kool Keith:
I keep in shape... and do my physical fitness
Add the chemistry hook up more equipment to this
The seashark analysts with Stan Smiths and rugby shorts
On the job it's all workable the words become flirtable
The air, for the hearing left side first raise your hand
If you don't hear, don't let the hammerhead catch you in the water
And glaze you like Arnold, you rock without the Drummond
I write you a summons, give you the guitars, where the plug-ins?
Man I'm the stealth ship, flyin machine
I guess I'm UTFO, I'm only buggin
The more the cinema, Thursday radius X4
And after that Fantastic, "Flame on!" I'm the getaway
The purple bandit, the ship connected, where's the adaptor
Bewitched I shoulda smacked her right out to the Galactatron
Wall Street finance, collect the bonds
With the mothership I'm backyard, George soda
Mechanical problems, I remember when the lights was on
Parked behind the grey Yukon
With a blood sample from Planet Neuron
I'm the darkest of the space, I see if you're down brown

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