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I'm Libra

This song is by Project Polaroid and appears on the album Project Polaroid (2006).

"This... is Libra. The Librans, are humanitarians.
They can do just about anything. They're compatible mates to us."

Kool Keith:
Release your best lyrics, let me see you stick and stack
Throughout the cookie crew, you can't drop a verse that's good
You ain't better than Frick and Frack
You could stand around and watch the bomb go off
Your backpacks down to your buttcrack
The sharp needle attack the feeble
Have you in total shock, starin' at the wrapped up material
Like Indian people, lookin' like chicks with uneven suntans
Walkin' off the beach in Rio

Women love the vocals, they can't see me, treat me like Theo
Redbones, come Spanish, dark-skinned and creole
Every summer Libra she's Le-oh

Kool Keith:
I drop the gift, my urine hit your LeCroix shirt
Bounce off your standard Smiths
Serena serve you Chester mints
You goin' in the vocal booth is high risk
To record butter soft words on a light disc
Bad foul shot shooter you gonna turn back to the team and scream "I MISSED~!"
With form like Dwayne Wade, I still put you down
With five of your best men (hehehehehe)

Kool Keith:
Yeah! Takin' a risk
Everybody shoulda warned you carefully about the Temple of Piss
The best box to chose when you chessbox
I don't care if you baseball cap, buttoned down suits with dress socks
Ten thousand pound throw electric bodyguards
Though I roll with a crew, that breast oxes
The talk, the vanishing like the soul food
Front your powers fresh down, come down
I come back and rush down
You can move with the Henny a lot and get silly and bring thus down
Gain confidence from somewhere and put they only hope and trust down
I say go 'head prove to me, you must CLOWN~!
Make your first mistake, missin' a pop fly
Right around your antenna now you got Popeye
Lock eye, your girl got cock-eye!

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