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Diamond District

This song is by Project Polaroid and appears on the album Project Polaroid (2006).

Kool Keith:
Yeah, this is for the people with REAL furs
You know what I mean? Real, FURS~!
Comin' down to they ankles
Y'know, not in colors, not orange and green
I'm talkin' 'bout brown, y'know black
Y'know civilized colors

My epidemic is formatted with static dramatic
The baddest P.I. supreme, P.I. with steam
The 104th Street walker, a.k.a. beat walker
The sharp unique walker
Overtonin drinkin' Corona, sidestep a evolution scheme
Pro-calistheticssss... boost, credits from the duration
Illustration tough, illustration rough
The plaid stay sharp as a pencil, designed with a 3-inch cuff
Operating drastically, I still active be
And octave see ozone
I'm comin' through Technic trebles and pro tones
Actually in pro tone

The diamond district, my foes forfeit
Wish you would boss flick, girls sport the Jordan kicks
More clout than the Knicks
("Pure diamonds into brain")

Kool Keith:
My service status conduct the lyrical instructors of the BX
Broughton to Sumter, upscale division
Upshift switch up, lift mix up, quick stuff
Hype stuff is sick stuff
Don't worry I'll pick stuff that's rough down to the AM, FM
I check one then test 'em, movin like that
Into it like that, I do it like that
Gravity on tracks, I flow through it like that
Me and the pen and the pad, we both do it like that
Take your license to rap I won't let you renew it like that

Kool Keith:
Organic meals with suite deals
The parlay fills with dynamic force
The mack of course, lay on tracks
Peepin ladies in Scores with sparkles in they pores
Comin' down the silver poles, I spot 'em on all fours
The hustler expert with ex-work
Rockin' the decoy, your wife wearin her ex shirt
Over her triple X skirt, communication convoy
Words work together, combination destroy
Seniority like Officer Malloy
The best of, don't listen to the rest of

Yeah you got a lot of these people walkin' around
Thinkin' they good
Y'know I don't listen to 'em

"Looks like a textbook hold-up. Estate is in a shambles.
Guy musta ramsacked it lookin' for more cash."
"Or dirty books" [echoes]

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