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Project Pitchfork
This song is performed by Project Pitchfork and appears on the album Lam-'Bras (1992).
Look at this planet healthy and young
Look closer
You'll see the woods
Day after day
Swelled up with strength
Their richness of colors
Sparkling in dazzling grey
Children so happy and healthy
Happy of having a home like this
Here they can grow up
With no sorrows
They need our love
As they are the future
This planet blossoms
How no rose could

Come on humanity
Awake, awake
This is just another dream

Yet look even closer
Every step of ours
Gets more energetic
The deeper we go
Clean air fills our lungs
There's no reason not to go further
Not to go further

But then, suddenly
Slowly, very slowly
It runs through our fingers
The time is running out

But why isn't it happy
Being a part of us?

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