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This song is by Project Pitchfork and appears on the album Corps d'amour (1995).

She rubs out your mind
And captures your soul
She rapes your conscience
And then you really think
She's loving you?

She hypnotizes your eyes
And pumps you up with lies
Freeze every move you do
You think it goes forward
But no way to go

She got you
And gives you the blow
You think it's all right
And you don't even know
You left your friends faster
Than a river could flow

Who is who?
What is what?
An oppressed love
Is what you got
Where is where?
And when is when?
Subjugation is strange
And damned

We take advantage of you
That's what she always says
I don't get it that's for sure
The soil you walk is insecure

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