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Take Comfort In Knowing

This song is by Project Phoenix.

Our lives are short
And insignificant
At least that's what we're told when we are young

But who are they
To tell us anything?
It's up to us to push on
Through the bullshit and the lies (we're not alone)

We needed this more than you could know
We needed to feel this, feel this
All our lives

I think it's time
That we accept the past
And embrace the fact it's something we can't change

Let's look ahead
And find the answers there
Among the youngest and the humble
The sorry and the weak (you're not alone)

Take comfort
In Knowing
Everything will change dear
Nothing ever stays the same

We are the youngest and we are the meek
We are the sorry and we are the weak
We are the future and we are the past
We are the future, let go of the past

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