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Sighing Like Furnace

This song is by Project Abner.

There to save me and keep me happy just I need you
Some times we argue but never will I hate you, we
End up laughing soon, I just want you, I just need you
With me in my life.

Take my hand don't you let it go, because when oh I'm
With you I feel that we can do anything, anything together
Make me feel complete, because I need you around to keep
Me safe and warm.

They make me need you, want you in my life, say you'll be there to want me in your life.

When you make me mad, it hurts but its just to say there'll be a better day to come, I'll be my life on it, Make my heart explode, I never thought I'd say it but I need you more than water love, I can't explain the need.

Make me feel complete, I wrap my arms around you, its just to say I love you, hear me say these words, they're just for you to hear, I've got a point to make, I want to make it clear.

Run me around and you act like the clown, bring me up bring me down and throw me left to right, the tear from your eye as it lands on your thigh, your pain and distress and the hurt felt when I lie. You smile and your frown and you make me so proud to know that I am your and you are all just mine.

When I see you, and you look directly in my eyes, in your heart, you don't judge, re-peatedley I kiss you, I know know that you are mine, till the day that I die.

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