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This song is by Program The Dead and appears on the album Program The Dead (2005).

The existential vacuum is on
Suck, sucking making us numb
Can you feel it stuck on your sleeves
Eating your friends, stealing the air you breathe

Conscience has not yet had it's say

And even if you want to turn it off
Attention, tension it won't ever stop
It's got of hold of you and all the same
Act like the rest, then give up your name

Conscience has not yet had it's say

Said you were just like them
You turn me on

So let it go
The vacuum is on again
Suck, sucking you and all your friends
And I guess they know, they really know when
All of the sudden, you don't act like them

You turn me on
And then it's not right
It's not too late
To save your life

You turn me on

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