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World Of Hate

This song is by Profound Anger.

Everyday I see the pain
It's shoved right in my face
I can't see around it
Get me out of this place
Who can you trust nowadays
Everyone's a rat
I always get beef from the next idiot
One day I'm gonna attack

I've seen the world come around
And it comes around, with a closed fist
But it can't take me down
For I will resist

My mind is so clogged with thought's
I can't even think
Why worry about someone else
When they don't care about me
They shed their opinions
They lay down all the facts
Well let me tell ya something
I don't give a rats ass

What this fucking world needs
Is some disipline
If your the cocky s.o.b. I'm talking about
Well, punk, just step right in
'Cause I don't need your opinions
And I don't need your thoughts
I don't give a fuck about you
Punk, I can't be bought

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