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This song is by Profound Anger.

I need to find a path of restraint
Or I'm gonna kill someone
I can't hold back much longer
I need to release
Don't displease me my friend
Or I'll break you down to your knees
I don't need your help
Never needed it in the first place
Stress, is the definition of me
Stress, won't let me be free
Times are changing
In this shithole we live in
And I don't like it one bit
Why is everything falling apart
'Cause people don't give a shit
Who is crying for help
This stress,
It's here in my mind, my thoughts
And my brain.
I must destroy it, for it will kill me
Help me. I can't take this no more
See me losing this war I can't win
I need some kind of restraint from this
Or I will go on a rampage

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