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I Will Find A Way

This song is by Profound Anger.

Born into this life, I was unwanted
Abandoned from my own flesh and blood
I am more than a material possession
Yet you still pull me in your direction

My family values were torn apart
You ripped them from inside me
Lied to a thousand times before
My trust was drained from me

I remember not so long ago
You sucked me into your misery
All alone in a world of millions
I was left to face, life on my own
No one - no where
No one - no where

Left all alone to wallow in my misery
But a tear, I still will not shed
All this time just seemed to pass me by
But from this,
There's one thing I have learned
Always stay true to yourself, my friend
Never give in and never give up
Always stay true to yourself my friend
And you will find a way out

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