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Days Of Sickness

This song is by Profound Anger.

I saw it in her eyes
The fear and pain she felt
Plauged memories
From that day on
God, it happened so fast
I remember that day so vividly
These are times that I cannot forget
But I still don't wanna believe

Days of sickness
I can't begin to imagine my life without her
There's too many things
That we've been through
There's too many things
That we've been through
To just throw it all away now
I will not, let you slip away now
I'll stand beside you,
In your days of sickness, days of sickness

It's time we face the truth
We must erase our denial
We must live each day to the fullest
And treat them like it's our last
Day by day goes by
And we take it all for granted
Not until it's too late
Do we realize the mistakes we made

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