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The Hulk

This song is by Profound.

(Feat. Kashiem)

Day One in my journal's where it start from
A potion, for inner strength, that's the outcome
Cause my mental gets deep on individuals
Yet a feeble body to me is not a virtue
Cause the strength in my mind will not hurt you
I curse you like Yacub Ashou Alyu
If it's you cool, me I knew I'd name it one day
Then it struck like a hammer, call it Gamma Ray
I'm alienated like your dark skies
How I part tide of energies within let's bring it outside
Like a machine that's used to measure time
But will it measure mine?
Between this world and space there's a thin line
I'm like the brink of insanity, that's my reality
If David met you, you couldn't handle me
Day Two I'm makin' progress, reporters get stressed
They couldn't stand the smell of human burnt flesh
I turn the innocent to grim reapers
I took a little baby rabbit and did experiment on meat eaters
I turn the skeptic into true believers
I turn the fighter into Rison, turn the breeders into non-breeders
So put that momma unborn baby girl, that's pure like the pearl
My scientific methods soon will shock the world
They try to label this as Top Secret, but if it's Top Secret
They only try to use it, when they need it
The project now is known as Governmental, well if it's Governmental
They'll go to any length to keep it confidential
Yet I know what's wrong I need me manner, but if I break
My code of silence would this mean the death of Dr. Banner?
But I can't hear to lose or any notion
Yet I wonder what would happen if I fucked around
And took the potion...

(Growling noises, obvious Hulk mutation)

"David? David is that you??
My... that's the worst I've seen him.." [SIGH]
"Dr. Banner is no longer in the pressure chamber.
He has metamorphisized into some... extraordinary creature!"

Extra... ordinary YES
Hulk, dominate, watch crime shape
Break, newsmen, who give chase
Erase obliterate, need more space
He intrude on, Hulk territory
Now see man in, him own news territory
Glory be Hulk, made to destroy
Enjoy destruction, one whole convoy
Doctor need me, him weak, and feeble
Hulk destroy him, me blessed, with evil
Intentions dipped in, the walls, they fall
Hulk eliminate, barricades all
Chains don't hold him, they wrap, me mangle
Strangle bad man, then snap, him ankle
Thank you David, for use, of Gamma
Rays Hulk medicine to last all days
Me crazed, posessive, want, whole body
David Banner's mind, green skin for everybody
Now you see me, Hulk no stranger
It be smart, you to me, not anger
Hulk possess, outer strength of a He-Man
Crush machinery, a bomb and a mad clip
Lives through explosion, him powered by attitude
Hulk keep growing, me am a bad dude
To move Earth shatterer him must keep pace
But Doctor want cure, him must have faith
To escape be free Dr. Banner must travel
Now in every city street, you can STILL feel the animal!

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