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Where U At?

This song is by Professor Griff and appears on the album Blood Of The Profit (1998).

This shit is lethal

Where you at?
The devil west to east
Where you at?
And all cities in between
Where you at?
You know I got your back
Where you at?
Hey corner I need to know where you at
Where you at?
The devil north to south
Where you at?
Represent a shout with your mouth
Where you at?
You know I got your back
Where you at?
Corner need to know where you at

As the Earth evolves I generate enough light
To pull you into my site my gravity cannot be escaped
Centrifugal force pulls you to the parallel bounds
A manifested thought that cannot be followed by sound
My physical is bound
But I travel to unravel the truth, God is a noun
I bill with the skill called mathematics
Original Asiatic, programmed to slam against the automatic
To sie, for me comme ca, to false because it's fiction
Forcin' to non-viction
Left and right laws and efforts on the planet
Who has the proper diction
So step out of the realm of my cipher
Showin' to prove you wiser, your intellect is higher and higher
Resist a ton, dropped the bomb and you're still black
Yo, yo, yo, so son where you at?

The black Messiah
The spark before the fire, consumes evil doers, falsehoods and liars
Check it, part time prophets, part time Siah's
Part time Gods, part time triers
I generate enough watts to get the whole universe in motion
A poster, notices on each and every planet
So beware God dammit
My mental has expanded
Check it

New York, Strong Isle
New Jers, uptown
Brooklyn, boogie down
Upstate, worldwide
Philadelphia, D.C.
Shaten, K.C.
B More and Cadillac
St. Louis is on the map
Come on

Manifest agrees, 360 of these
The whole Earth manifests seven seas
Seven continents, seven wonders called mysteries
But they are 32 stolen legacies
The born degree of the knowledge Malice told ya
Speaks on the sword used by the mord
Which is to the breeze like ear and the broad
I'm right and exact I go with that take that
Huh, the supreme being all I sin
God damn, I'm the highest form of life any nice is of land
So feel the heat
>From freezing to boiling point makes it complete
Drop us 48 'cause all we got is 40 ounces
Gotta stand up straight before this horny devil pounces
The devil persisted, crooked and twisted
Evil, wicked, and wrong so he got evicted
Chosen a few and many fakin' like they all that
7.5 in the dome where you at black?

Duswats, Cattus Park
Flatlind after dark
East Pointe, Marietta
Stone Mountain get the cheddar

Houston, Las Veg
South Central, Miami day
L.A. don't play
Cow J
Dirt teen
Yo, so I'm over
Yo buildin' an ATF
Professor Griff and I'm out

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