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This song is by Producers With Computers and appears on the album Old Shit / New Shit (2009).

Now this, this character, right? He's following me around all night. He's got his arm around me all night. He's buying me drinks, buying me drinks, buying me drinks even the bloody company right, right here, all friggin' night. I didn't know him, I didn't know him from a bar of soap, and he wants to sell me this gun, right? He says he's got all these guns in a car outside. And uh, well I didn't have 10 cents on me, right? But I, I, I don't think he had a gun salesman's license either. I thought if he wants to sell me a gun I, I, I'll relieve him of it. So we go out, he's very keen to get me to this car park mind you, right?

Right, so did you go outside then?

Yeah. Uh. So what happened was, I head to the main car park and he pulls me up, and he says:

"No, no, no, no, no, this way, this way over here. I park over here, on the side. Plenty guns, very good guns."

I get a bit bloody suspicious because, this car park, it's not very well lit, it's pitch bloody black, and I walk out there, I'm following him, and he stops dead, and he turns around, and he's looking over my bloody shoulder. And this fucking prick is checking for bloody witnesses, right? All of a sudden he turns around, he says:

"Wait, wait, wait, you got gun? You got gun, huh?"

And he's walking towards me, "You got gun, you got gun?" I said yeah I've got a gun, he says:

"What sort? Huh? What sort? Show me, please"

"Show me your fucking gun" He's dying to see my bloody gun. Now, I had the gun down the front of my pants, right? So I've lifted up my bloody jacket, I've looked down at the gun, and this cheeky little fucking rat, he's grabbed the gun as quick as lightning, he's pulled it out, and he's put it at my head, and he's gone 'click, click, click, click'. But it's not going off. And I, have got the 14 shotgun hidden in the back of my pants. So I pull it out, and now, it's a tiny little bloody 14 shotgun, and he's going 'click, click, click', and I'm thinking to myself, "shoot" but at the time it'd take him like a couple of seconds to work this thing out, with a hammer, so I've pulled out the bloody 14, and I just go fucking bang.

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