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The Mac Is Back (Intro)

This song is by Prodigy and appears on the album Return Of The Mac (2007).

("Rrrrrrrrrreturn Of The Mac! ")

(Samples: Prodigy)
"I'm the 'Head Nigga In Charge'! "
"The 'Head Nigga In Charge' and shit"
"Mix with the A-L-C! "
"Alchemist is Dutch Schultz, P is Bumpy Johnson! "
"Bumpy Johnson and Dutch Schultz - we blowin' up hoods! "
"It's the return of the Mack-11, Mack-10... " [echoes]

Prodigy (samples):
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, man!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
That's what up! (That's what up!)
That's what up! (That's what up! That's what up!)
That's that shit right here!
Return of the... [Ice-T sample:] ("Rappin' like a Mack-10 as soon as I begin'! ")
Click-clack! [Havoc sample:] ("I run with two Macks and plus my crew back, my every move... ")
Yo, pass the weed son, nigga that's why I'm callin' that, man!
Yeah! ("I use to drive a' AC and kept a Mack in the engine! ") ("Retuuuurn of the Mac! ")
Oh, yeah, yeah!
Chuuuch... I'm BACK! (50Cent sample: "Mack-11, Mack-10, time for some action! ")
Naah, I ain't talkin' 'bout pimpin' bitch! ("I use to drive a AC and kept a Mack in the engine! ")
That Mack-11... 52 shot clip shit, you hear me? ("Retuuuurn of the Mac! ")
("Now here comes the Mack-11! ")
Man... what, whatchu thought I was doin' on this time? Bullshit?!
[50 Cent:] ("Mack-11, Mack-10, time for some action! ")
I'm back fo' ya head BITCH! [scratches]
This is a very special CD right here!
Learn it and love it!
This is special! Special! (Special!)
"Here comes the... [scratches] "Mack-10! "
"The shooting continued outside... " [scratches]
"Mack-10! " [echoes] [beat stops]

(Automatic gunshots] [screams] [automatic gunshots)
[Automatic gunshots] ("Dr. Dre sample: "Like we always do about this time! ")

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