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You Should Pay

This song is by Proclamation and appears on the album Straight Edge Hardcore (1997).

"Tears for Meaghan" the caption read;
Another life wasted, another partyer dead.
Three hundred mourners come to "pay respects"--
You only came to ease the guilt on your heads.
Tears for Meaghan--give me a break;
Half of you there are a bunch of fakes.
Tears for Meaghan--you should pay;
When you gave her the forty-ounce, what'd you say?
I want no part of your booze.
Get drunk--what for? You'll only lose.
When you look into the coffin what do you see?
Is that the place you'd like to be?
How many kids there will think and stop?
At next week's party she's already forgot

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