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You Gave In

This song is by Proclamation and appears on the album Straight Edge Hardcore (1997).

We were friends when you were pure.
Times have changed; now I'm not sure.
You caved in and embraced temptation;
Ethics changed with the situation.
Free-falling from the arms of grace
To oblivion's resting place.
Your chemi-crutch beat you to the floor.
Another life is no more.
You gave in--and followed the crowd.
You gave in--and you fell down.
You had a problem and it called for help.
What a mess you made of yourself.
Who were your friends that you hung around?
Their brother's blood cries up from the ground.
I'll never back down from the vow that I made
To call back the sheep that have strayed.
I'll stand for truth no matter what they say,
And show my brothers a better way

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