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Straight Edge Hardcore

This song is by Proclamation and appears on the album Straight Edge Hardcore (1997).

What's the matter with the scene?
Look around; it's not so clean.
Nothing says "straight" like fast;
Man, I'm still proud to wear the X.
Straight edge--drug free
Hardcore--is unity
Straight edge pride you lack
Hardcore--bring it back.
No one knows right from wrong;
I'm sick of all these slowed-down songs.
People went astray, got off-track,
But now it's time to bring it back.
It's time for us to decide whether or not we care,
Because I can't stand to see it slide--
Be true to the X you wear.
I'll tell you what straight edge means,
Because you seem to have forgot.
It means that you stay clean;
I won't sit and let it rot

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