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Shake Your Blood

This song is by Probot, features Lemmy and appears on the album Probot (2004).

Looking for relief in your miserable life
You need some rock 'n' roll, and you better get it right
Got to roll them bones, do everything they say
If your cool, then you're the fool, make it work, every day

Rock out - Do it quick
My, my, my, let it rip
Rock out - Feeling good
Break your heart
Shake your blood

Band up on the stage
Crowd is going wild
I love to see the women, babe
I ain't in denial

Make you crazy too
Make you shove it out
Lookin' good, get some wood
You knew you should, you knew you could

Rock out - do it now
My, my, my, show me how
Rock out - make it good
Break your heart
Shake your blood

Want to be a winner
Want to be the man
Want to make yourself insane
Join up with the band

Want to fall in love
Want to make your mark
Want to get out on this tour
Want to break a thousand hearts

Rock out - strike it rich
My, my, my, it's a bitch
Rock out - I knew you could
Break your heart
Shake your blood

Rock out - don't you stop
My, my, my, like a rock
Rock out - it's so good
Break your heart
Shake your blood
Shake your blood
Shake your blood

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