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Acid Rain

This song is by Prism and appears on the album Young And Restless (1980).

You are the fairest angel of them all
It's hard to imagine that you felt the same
Just like an heiress, you inherited my soul
Then, without caring, you gave it away

Acid Rain
Fallin' from my eyes, draggin' me under
Acid Rain
Water in my eyes, can't you hear the thunder
Acid Rain
Acid Rain

I can't believe it how we say the things we do
Why do we torture the ones that we love?
What is the reason for the way I mistreat you?
When will we learn that enough is enough?

(Chorus - solo)

Tears like a waterfall down river from my heart
Burnin' your memory into my brain
Turnin' these tortured words on paper into scars
Guilty the verdict, nothing remains

(Chorus - outro)

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