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Pretty Rave Girl

This song is by Princess.

Party peooe get together this the place to be
Jump up and down move around and set yout hinkin free
Crazy here, crazy there crazy everywhere
Throw your hands up in the air, dancin like you just don't care
I'm feeling good, feelin' great, feelin' supa straight
Everybody in this place goin' every which way
(AYE) and I'm catchin your attention you wannna get ot know me, what I'm doin' got you trippin'

The lights get me hype when they flashin on the dance floor
The lights feelin' right and it makes me wanna dance more
The mood is so cool how could you not wanna be here?
No goofs, but I'm loose, idont think iwanna leave here
You either, iknow it, you see me, you show it
Iwave, you wave back
This your chance, don't blow it
I'm hopin, and wishin that this night wont end
When the next days again, imma party again

GO, GO, GO, GO, GO GO, Go, GO, GO, GO, Go

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