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The Last Days

This song is by Prince EA.

See, I came from the land of pride
The last days. Flash-bang and I plant the bomb
Fake plates, face paint with the camouflage
I got nothing to live for, my family died
I'm in my basement, and every night I cry
Wondering why nobody understands the signs
This is the time when the UFO's ran the skies
And I'm living underground, trying to plan my rise
The oracle told me not to doubt my place
I walked in the room and she said, "don't worry about the vase"
I responded, "what vase?", and knocked it over
Caught it before it hit the ground, I was not supposed to
She looked at me and said "Yo, you not the one"
So I, cocked the gun and then stopped the fun
The four-five (.45) gave her closed eyes
She couldn't predict that shit and I thought she was so wise
I think about my mind and how old it is
Encrypted inside is an Einstein-Rosen bridge
Somebody hold the phones
I got some of the dopest poems ever written, chiseled on the Dropa stones
Check my DNA for Annunaki chromosomes
Thermopylae prophecy with Newtonian overtones
I'm the only rapper alive to rule the empire of holy Rome
It's just a shame that no one knows
I'm growing old, and my days are numbered
So I try to calm my nerves when I'm playing the organ
Looking at my window, waiting for the day of the horsemen
Those that don't band together to raid the portal
Will end up slaves, living in a cage getting tortured
Don't say I didn't try to warn ya
Seven trumpet melody
I knew Revelations was guaranteed
When I saw Presidents turned into celebrities
Armageddon was our destiny
And it occurred right before me
My life is the perfect story of failure turned to glory
I'm in the top five dead or alive, first into purgatory
I write my verses in the early morning
And tell my pigeon here's my lyrics, take it to the colonel for me
I'm on my journey with the gray aliens
Don't, worry a bit, I know it can get dangerous
And bicker about field theory and quantum entanglement
In a cigar shaped spaceship the same length as a stadium
My lyrics are translated in 80 languages by academia
Label him the same kind of genius as Wolfgang, Amadeus
Open your eyes and try to see it
Like a sign from Jesus, or even coming from God
Prince Ea is just one of a kind
And I'm so ahead of my time
You might find anachronisms inside each one of my rhymes

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