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The Adolescence Freestyle

This song is by Prince EA.

I don't care if your coup is padded with linens
Or if your shoes look like a bag full of skittles
For a broke nigga? That shit'll get ya
A shot in the face like a fat bitch's picture
I ain't heard a sick rap in a minute
Niggas beats is trash and I pass on they lyrics
All these commercial cats with their gimmicks
Prolly find antennas under their hats if you lift them
Sony said I lack the rappers image
Cause my palms sweaty, my breath stinks, and my arms hairy
Or at least that's what they all tell me
Not to mention I'm a hopeless romantic like R. Kelly
Well fuck it I can't complain, my life's great
I ain't got the cars and cribs, with the nice lake
But every Friday
I jerk off to your girlfriend's pictures on facebook and myspace
I'm on the block spitting, where they sell yay
Let the shells spray
This rap shit is my life, no failsafe
I was spitting flows when Mugsy Bows was connecting with LJ
But now I'm moving at a snail's pace
Like I got the game in a stalemate
I can't move
But you better start giving it up son
I got a gat bigger than Jennifer Hudson
And I bust clips if I get pissed for real
Ever since a kid, I was on plenty pills
ADD, you never see me sitting still
No friends, but that gave me the strength to build (what)
A flow sicker than old niggas and benadryl
Spit the same magic as Alice, when she clicked her heels
I'm sick for real, to your spine I be sending chills
Ima spit till this whole industry disappears
It's the kid with the skinny build
I wipe my ass with a five, and piss on a Diddy deal
Fuck the spinning rims, fuck your whip appeal
Fuck your tinted windows and fuck if you can spend a mill
I'm just being real
So you can keep stuntin' just know that shit means nothing without a lick of skill
Homeboy that verse you spit will get you killed
If not sliced, and your face like Emmett Tills
Niggas don't know how being committed feels
I give 110% when I hit the field
And I'm grindin'
I never clocked out, stay putting time in
But it seems that the people don't know that I'm conscious
Or congress' top assignment is to have me silenced
Either way I'm unacknowledged
But I was saying fuck fox news way before Nas did
Before Luda said McCain should be paralyzed
I was talking about the Illuminati paradigm
And how George Bush is irrelevant
'Cause he was here to give power to the next president
It's incredible how they just pass me off
'Cause they rather hear me talk about a classic car
Or what I'm spending on, a master card
Who put these, cats in charge with their hip hop casting calls?
See I can't be the cool kid
I don't dress like a fashion show, or a pageant dog
I'm too crazy to be Swayze
Plus, don't try to play me, yo, he can't rap at all
I can't be why lay, so start backing off
I ain't lashing out, and I don't want to sound mad at all
I'm too black and smart to beat Asher Roth
No disrespect to them dudes, cause my hat is off
But there's a difference when you in the game
And when you should be in the game, but you on the practice squad
I got nothing left, so I keep standing tall
This is Prince E, you won't find me in catalogues

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