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This song is by Prince EA.

Welcome class, every body take a seat. My name is Prince E and I'll be your professor for the day.

You know in a time characterized by presidential debates, media sensationalism, economic recession, inflation, scientific discovery. And most importantly, whack ass commercial, candy bubble gum, Mr. Farnsworth bentley, Willy Lynch snap dance pac man rappers. I know you're asking yourself, how do I make sense of all this? Where do I stand on the issues that really matter? Well sit back, and I'll try to de-mistify each one of these topics as much as possible. So if you're not interested in this course, please, walk out now.

Now, for those of you who are still here. Keep your ears and your mind open. Because a closed mind is the most expensive thing you could ever have. It'll costy ou so much. Now, without further ado,

I present to you The Adolescence.

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