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Imma Do Me

This song is by Prince EA.

I gotta demonstrate, why these rappers need to put they pen away
Going up against Hemingway at center stage, you've been afraid
You just sealed your fate, and now you're gonna feel it slip away
I don't care if you a friend of Jay's
I smoked coke with Barack Obama way before his Senate days
I eat rappers, snatch 'em up off my dinner plate
And then I use their ashes to make my lemonade
It's a shame, 'cause they told me I'd lose my chance
If I didn't make my music like the newest jams
I said, I ain't try'na be a goofy/poofy (?) fan
And talk about shoulders, chests, shoes and pants
Cause to me, that sounds like a stupid plan
I'd rather see Roseanne booty dance
Or move to France
Or fly over the Bermuda sands
With no fuel to land
Before I ever do the Superman

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