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Desire Freestyle

This song is by Prince EA.

Some say my lyrical bars left them mentally scarred
Others tell me I show them what miracles are
You niggas is photoshopped like an image from mars
I sit with the stars wearing 16th century garb
Eating a cereal bar
Looking at the moon wondering what the fuck Kennedy saw
And when we get money, all we do is spend it and ball
On meaningless things that show us how dependent we are
And I don't want to give you the wrong impression
But I'll reach down your throat and jump rope with your large intestines
I got the strongest message
Not to boast, but that's cause my lessons evoke the longest questions
I gotta get outta this place by any means
I'm the immigrant that jumped the fence and ripped his jeans
I'm with my wife and kids, and my M-16
And you think Ima be stopped by a forensics team?

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