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  1. So Long (featuring Wubcake and Nrgpony)
  2. Left Behind
  3. Walk in Shadows (featuring Even Skies)
  4. Frailty (featuring Milkymomo)
  5. A Place That We Call Home (featuring CookieSoupMusic)
  6. Taking Flight (featuring Nrgpony)
  7. Away from Me (featuring Nrgpony)
  8. Between Fairytales & Happy Endings (featuring Kaspuuh and Senra)
  9. Forget About It (featuring Cgscrambles)
  10. Your Own Sky
  11. Fight This War, Pt. 1 (featuring Divinumx)
  12. The Fight Inside (featuring Nrgpony)
  13. Frailty (featuring Milkymomo)
  14. Fight This War, Pt. 2 (featuring Divinumx)
  15. Not Letting Go (featuring Cadie, Poni1Kenobi and CookieSoupMusic)
  16. Your Own Sky (Aviators remix)

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