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Rocket (1996)Edit

Primitive Radio Gods - Rocket
  1. Women
  2. Motherfucker
  3. Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
  4. Who Say
  5. The Rise And Fall Of Ooo Mau
  6. Where The Monkey Meets The Man
  7. Are You Happy?
  8. Chain Reaction
  9. Skin Turns Blue
  10. Rocket

White Hot Peach (2000)Edit

Primitive Radio Gods - White Hot Peach
White Hot Peach
  1. Message From Steven
  2. Ghost Of A Chance
  3. Gotta Know Now
  4. Blood From A Beating Heart
  5. Fading Out
  6. Devil's Triangle
  7. First Alien Photo
  8. Wayward Pilot's Mission
  9. Skin Job
  10. Motor Of Joy
  11. Whatever Wakes McCool

Fading Out (2001)Edit

Primitive Radio Gods - Fading Out
Fading Out
  1. Fading Out
  2. Stereo Winter
  3. Rope
  4. Future Followers Of Erika
  5. Fading Out (Umpteen Spooks Mix)

Sweet Venus (2006)Edit

Primitive Radio Gods - Sweet Venus
Sweet Venus
  1. Planet 10
  2. Things You Can Drive
  3. Post Telecom Daydream
  4. Station To Life
  5. Inside
  6. Automatic
  7. Smoke To The Boss
  8. Empty Bars Protect Us
  9. Stars Align

Out Alive (2010)Edit

Primitive Radio Gods - Out Alive
Out Alive
  1. The Long Goodbye
  2. Stranger To Self
  3. Only Way Through
  4. Protokult
  5. Uniglory
  6. Repairing The Sky And Similar Feats Of Strength
  7. Somewhere Inside The Oakland Heights
  8. Unkind Light
  9. Hard Rain Soft Skin
  10. Three Small Blue Lights
  11. Metropolitan Vengeance
  12. Into The Blue
  13. Thor On The Floor
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Other SongsEdit

  1. Motherf**ker

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