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​3 Blind Mice

This song is by Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich and appears on the album Dust To Dust (1993).

(Feat. Benz, Kurious)

(Verse 1: Pete Nice)

3 blind, see how the run
Schemin on the corner, Puerto Rican, black and white the one
Risin' each day, the conflicts of culture
Hopeless the racist, he rip you like a vulture
Sippin on the wines, cause it eases off the mindset
All shades of color owe the other one respect
Master of another, mad discrimination
Yo, they used to play him at the corner bus station
Back in the days in the backs of the busses
Dealin' with the devil and his deragotory cusses
White cracker man called the other man a nigger
Swingin' on a slugger like a baseball swinger
Swing batter, swing, but that's a cavalier thing
When you reminisce on Rodney King
You see, it's hard to keep a good man down dead last
So the black mouse smoked up some white ass

3 blind mice see how they run, y'all [x3]
When they're lookin' down the barrel of a shotgun

(Verse 2: Pete Nice)

White mousetrap'll keep you under in the ghetto
Livin' and what you do, the drinkin' 40s, shootin celo
Always on a mission, out to dominate the other
Got the go-for-self-vibe, always dickin down his brother
Now the mouse is out on his way to public school
Act a fool, classmates pack shanks and pack tools
It's not the old twist of Crabtree and Weezer
50 in a class with the underpaid teacher
Textbook straight out the 60s
Pebble off the rocks, pull a pocket full of 50s
If he got papes out his ass, yo, what do we need a book for
Busted in a month, and you don't know what to look for
Victim of the system, and you're fallin' off real quick
Try to beat the system, and they have you suck the man dick
The mouse just tryina put the grub on his plate
But in reality a blind man hates

(Verse 3: Benz)

3 blind mice, they on the 20 steppin
The difference between the 3 is that the black mouse got a weapon
Schemin on robbin, but ain't his own kind
Anybody with a lighter pigment catches the nine
He thinks he's a rebel, he's flipped all the levels
'Cause he was taught to always see the white man as a devil
That's how he was taught and brought up as a youth
As far as the black mouse goes, this is the truth
He pulled out a gun, the white mouse starts to run
He said, "If you don't stop, then come to get done"
The white mouse stopped, and it wasn't even funny
The black mouse shot him after he took all the money

(Verse 4: Kurious Jorge)

Hey yo, mouse number 3 had on a hoodie and jeans
The cracker called him 'spick', 'cause he eats the rice and beans
Never understoood for what all the discrepancy
Never went to jail convincted of a felony
It's kinda funny, his gear was rather bummy
But he never stole a penny, even when he needed money
The high school suspension, forgot to mention
In a black and white world, he don't get that much attention
Rumours, rats, the roaches, and the welfare
16 in the house, and they share the same underwear
Stereotypes, but he likes the pure potent
Wines, what you find soon enough, a dead rodent